Alleviate Security Risks & Cust Costs With This AWS Multi-Account Strategy 

TGIX_AWS-MultiAccount-cover-1Could you be at risk?

  • Are your production and non-production workloads reasonably isolated?
  • Are you confident in your security logging and access policies?
  • Could the slightest misconfiguration expose production infrastructure?
  • Do you regularly check and update to AWS best practices with the recommended networking and security services?
Learn how to design a multi-account strategy for your AWS infrastructure that can significantly alleviate these risks, create a secure and robust environment, and easily expand to include multiple other accounts.

You’ll get free access to the latest, best practices for:

  • Core architecture comprising multiple accounts
  • Best practices for account provisioning and configuration
  • How to use a VPC architecture in a multi-AZ environment
  • Tips for using facilities like AWS Transit Gateway to ensure a robust network architecture
  • Strategic implementation of IDMS integration to manage access control


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